APRIL 27 - MAY 1, 2020


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Small Business Month Pivot Day Registrations

  • Small Business Month Pivot Round 4: Comeback Season!
    Thu, May 28
    Here's to the graduating classes of 2020! SRMSDC & EMSDC want to show our support through a Youth Summit to discuss the topics weighing most heavily on their minds as High School and College students alike take their next steps. This is a continuation of Pivot Week 2020.


PART I - Mon. APRIL 27 & Tues. APRIL 28

From 1 - 3 PM EST (DAILY)

From 12 - 2 PM CST (DAILY)

From 10 - 12 PM PST (DAILY)


From 1 - 3 PM EST (DAILY)

From 12 - 2 PM CST (DAILY)

From 10 - 12 PM PST (DAILY)

PART III - Thurs. APRIL 30 & Fri. MAY 1

From 1 - 3 PM EST (DAILY)

From 12 - 2 PM CST (DAILY)

From 10 - 12 PM PST (DAILY)






PI>OTWEEK features virtual keynotes, virtual workshops, social distancing networking mixers, and virtual panel discussions that support innovation and entrepreneurship. Part I focuses on personal and household health & wellness. Part II focuses on professional and business health & wellness. Part III focuses on community health & wellness as well as positioning your self and business for the future. This FREE premiere summit features groundbreaking conversations with business leaders from around the country. The aim of PI>OTWEEK is to educate, facilitate connections and build new partnerships and opportunities.


Monday, APR 27th

Personal Health & Wellness

Sharise M. Nance

Vitamin C Healing

Webinar Session: Managing Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Tonya Ladipo, LCSW

The Ladipo Group

Webinar Session: New Beginnings & Endings, The Mindset Shift

Tiffany Goins


Webinar Session: Namaste At My Desk - 8 Yoga Poses You can Do From Your Desk

Daryl Wells

Holistic Minds

Webinar Session: Emotional Distancing - How To Cope With The New Normal Of Social Interaction Professtionally

Tuesday, APR 28th

Household Health & Wellness

Mounir Elhilali

Professional Chef | Crepes Parfait

Webinar Session: Bread & Water Can So Easily Become Tea & Toast

Tonya Comer

Tonya Comer Interiors | Signature | LIFEDesign

Webinar Session: Hour of Power - Design An Unstoppable Life

Barry Smith

FUEL Center of Fitness

Webinar Session: Exercise, Stretches, & Fun At Home

Chrissy Walker

KIPP WAYS Primary School

Webinar Session: Homeschooling & Entertaining Kids During Quarantine


Wednesday, APR 29th

Professional and Business Health & Wellness

Clifton Taulbert

Author | Consultant | Speaker

Webinar Session: How Your Business Can Take Advantage of the Pause

Stephanie Humphrey


Webinar Session: Is Your Brand Ready to Pivot?

PANEL DISCUSSION: Businesses That Have Pivoted and How They Did It

Moderator - Ron Baldwin, AmeriHealth Caritas

Panelist 1 - Russell Fletcher, This Life Forever Distillery

Panelist 2 - Mike Crawford, Holla Sporting Goods

Panelist 3 - Herschel Walker, NFL Hall of Famer, Renaissance Man Food Services


Thursday, APR 30th

Community Health & Wellness

Aris Latham


Webinar Session: Juicing For Life

Eric Watson

The Kaleidoscope Group

Webinar Session: Diversity & Inclusion Business Resources

Jovan Goldstein

JT Goldstein Accountants & Business Advisors

Webinar Session: Funding For Small Businesses & How To Pivot For Growth

WEBINAR DISCUSSION: How Crisis Leads To Collaboration

Megan Smith, Brownstone PR

David Brown, The Marketing Collaborative

Friday, MAY 1st

Looking To The Future & Executing A Pivot

PANEL DISCUSSION: Pivot Happens When Mindset, Strategies, & Goals Align

Moderator - Ron Baldwin, AmeriHealth Caritas

Panelist 1 - Mia Mendoza, Mendoza Group

Panelist 2 - Paul Douglas, The JPI Group

Martin Shepherd

Arch Access

Webinar Session: Branding the Opportunity Instead Of Letting The Opportunity Brand You

Sirena Moore-Thomas

The Highmark Group | Sirena Speaks

Webinar Session: Unlocking Your Inner Potential