September 26 - 30, 2022


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Pi>OT Week began during the beginning of the 2020 pandemic to inspire our business owners to persevere and remain positive and Pi>OT to adapt to the business, health, and community changes. Pi>OT Week features virtual keynotes, virtual workshops, social distancing networking mixers, and virtual panel discussions that support innovation and entrepreneurship. Part I focuses on business recovery. Part II focuses on reinvention and forging a new path filled with optimism. Part III focuses on mastering balance and establishing a new future for yourself and your business. This FREE premiere event features groundbreaking conversations with business leaders from around the country. The aim of PI>OTWEEK is to educate, facilitate connections and build new partnerships and opportunities.
Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 11am CST/noon EST to 1pm CST/ 2pm EST
Day 1: Circular Economy and ESG 
Session 1: Understanding Why the Circular Economy is Pivotal to Your Business, Your Community and the Planet
Speaker: Dr. Jamie Bracey Green
The problems of climate change, contaminated air and water, and waste management have all been made worse by consumerism fed by a “take-make-waste” production model. The concept of “circular economy'' provides us with a conceptual framework to design our businesses to focus on the value provided while moving towards creating positive socio-economic impact for people, our businesses, the community and the environment. 
In this webinar, one expert demystifies the concept of the circular economy to show how it directly addresses the major environmental and socio-economic challenges we face and ways to advance it through our businesses. 
Session 2: Think your Business is too Small to Justify Making ESG a Priority?
Social and environmental impact is now a top priority for every business, regardless of its size and scope. That’s in large part due to growing public concern about the consequences of climate change and the exploitation of natural resources, as well as shrinking the wealth and health disparities laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Investors, employees, regulators and the public are clamoring for more information about companies’ environmental, social and corporate governance — known as ESG - performance.
Wednesday, September 28 - 11am CST/noon EST to 1pm CST/ 2pm EST
Day 2: Health and Wellness
Session 1: The New Workspace: What does that mean for your business?
COVID-19 has enabled a transformation of benefits that employers must offer to their employees. Workspaces of the future will be all about mental, physical, and emotional wellness for better productivity and overall employee satisfaction.
Learn about why you need to adapt to attract and retain good people.   
Session 2: Building Teams in a Hybrid Environment
Remote work, or working from home, is not a new concept. As the home office became more normalized in 2020, employees quickly adapted to remote working and many even preferred it. And management learned that working from home can be productive. Now as restrictions are lifted, companies are finding that 50% or more of their workforce would like to keep working from home at least part of the time.
In this webinar, learn some management ideas to help you promote teamwork and productivity with your hybrid teams. 
Thursday, September 29 - 11am CST/noon EST to 1pm CST/ 2pm EST
Day 3: Money 
Session 1: We Always Have to Talk About Money, but Now We Have To Talk About Money Differently
Over the past 50 years, the philanthropic, public, and private sectors have supported diverse businesses by providing business opportunities, loans, training, and other business development services —as a way to build the economic security of communities. Although there are more and more programs out there that provide basic business building techniques, the data shows us that the racial wealth gap is expanding, not declining.  Business equity is the second largest source of wealth, after home equity, for American households; and the median net worth of business owners is twice that of people who do not own businesses. For business owners, they not only need to plan for sales growth, they need to be equally concerned about wealth creation.
In this webinar, learn why sales growth doesn’t mean wealth creation, and how to make changes to ensure you have a nest egg when you need. 
Session 2: Leadership Agility Before, During and After a Crisis
Speaker: Jason Harris​
Leadership requires more than skill. An agile leader must combine real-time awareness with the openness and courage to situationally experiment on new approaches to everyday situations to develop new competencies. It not only depends on harnessing the leader’s strengths, but also in managing their emotional triggers that create solutions for their company or their clients. 
Learn about how to adapt, but more importantly, communicate your adaptability to your customers and employees to position yourself as a leader within your industry to win new business or create new opportunities with your existing customers.
Session 3: Legal Lens
Perhaps the most apparent benefit of establishing a relationship with an attorney is having the comfort of immediate legal advice at your fingertips. Another less obvious benefit of maintaining an ongoing relationship with an attorney is things happen. They just happen. And as a business owner, it is better to have an established relationship with an attorney before you need one.
Learn about a new program with Burr & Forman, where Burr & Forman will offer fixed legal fees to MBEs. Burr & Forman is a Southeast, regional firm with 350 attorneys and 19 offices in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Burr & Forman's experienced legal team serves clients with local, national, and international legal needs, with particular industry strengths in the financial institutions, health care and manufacturing sectors. This is a unique opportunity for MBEs to create a relationship with an international law firm open to supporting tomorrow’s leaders.
Friday, September 30th - 7:30 a.m. CST/8:30 EST to 3pm CST/4pm EST
SRMSDC Annual Golf Event 
Traditionally we hold a spring golf tournament, and starting this year, we decided to combine the events to facilitate even more connections and build even more new partnerships and opportunities. So welcome to Pi>OT Your Divot 2022! It's been two years since we have seen each other, and we are eager to rekindle those relationships and dust off those golf clubs! It is NMSDC's 50th anniversary, and this year is all about NETWORKING and CELEBRATION. We have all made it through the rough part, and now it's time to Pivot and rebuild.  

Tee off with Corporate Members of the SRMSDC and small business owners from across our four-state region for a morning round of golf and matched networking. This year's event continues with all of the amenities you've grown to love: matched golf, networking, cold beverages, new business contacts, networking, laughs, smiles, and NETWORKING!

Not a golfer? That's not a problem! You are still invited to participate, register to attend the outdoor luncheon, and bring your dancing shoes for our afternoon reception. 
Click here to register
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